Purchasing Division

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  • To enable your firm's placement in our automated Vendor's Listing System, be certain to complete the required two-step process - Vendor's Application and Details Sheets.
  • When you are notified and elect to receive a bid package, read all bid documents/requests and follow instructions. Do not alter any bid document(s) or other forms unless required to do so by way of an addendum issued by Charlotte County.
  • Be sure to submit the bid/quote before the date/time specified in the document(s), sign all documents where indicated and initial all approved changes.
  • Firms who submit a bid are generally notified via letter to whom the bid was awarded.
  • Get to know the purchasing needs of Charlotte County by keeping in contact.
  • Follow the "Notice of Availability" for bids, proposals and quotes under the Purchasing Bids On-Line link (in the list on the left side of this page) or in the Purchasing Division located at 18500 Murdock Circle, Suite 344, Port Charlotte.
  • Maintain a good reputation for service and reliability.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand. DON'T ASSUME.


Internet Surplus Auction

Charlotte County is now selling all surplus equipment and materials on the Internet via GovDeals.com  .  You must register with GovDeals.com.  To find Charlotte County equipment simply use the advanced search feature and select Charlotte County in the sellers name box.  All items are sold AS IS/WHERE IS.  No warranties are expressed or implied. The awarded bidder assumes all the responsibility and costs for the removal, packaging, handling and shipping of the items purchased.  Please contact Dennis Moore at (941) 743-1382 for questions.