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As the rate of growth continues to increase, many of the county’s most precious places are disappearing. As our population continues to grow, so will the need for more roads, police, fire, emergency medical, libraries, drainage systems, drinking water and all the other infrastructure needed to support large populations. Protecting environmentally sensitive lands balances the impacts of future growth while buffering sensitive areas from encroachment. Environmentally sensitive lands perform free services for us, including: flood control, filtering our water resources, recharging our aquifer, cleaning our air, and providing open spaces and recreational opportunities. Without protecting environmental lands these services cost much more. Preserving our special places allows us to avoid future infrastructure costs, and helps to keep Charlotte County unique and beautiful.

All plants and animals on Conservation Charlotte Properties are protected.


To learn more about the Conservation Charlotte program: call 941.613-3220 and ask for Natural Resources Division, or send us an email.

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