Charlotte County Utilities

Treatment Facilities

The Operations Division of Charlotte County Utilities is responsible for operating the water treatment, water reclamation, and leachate treatment facilities located in East, West, and South County.

Water Treatment

The Burnt Store Water Treatment Plant, located near the Charlotte/Lee County line, provides potable water to the Burnt Store service area.

The Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority, with a treatment facility on Kings Highway in DeSoto County, supplies potable water to Charlotte County Utilities for distribution to most of the Charlotte County service area.

Wastewater Treatment

The following facilities are responsible for wastewater treatment in their surrounding areas and provide reclaim water to area golf courses, mobile home parks, the sports park, and other entities:

East Port Water Reclamation Facility

The East Port Water Reclamation Facility is a multi-faceted treatment facility. As well as providing wastewater treatment services, it houses a state-certified East Port Laboratory and is home to the Transport Waste Receiving Facility, where in-county and out-of-county septic waste, including grease, is brought in by private septic tank haulers and processed at the plant. Grease is now processed on site by Affordable Bio Feedstock, Inc., which entered into an agreement with the County to handle all brown and yellow grease.

New businesses are encouraged to look into the Industrial Pre-treatment Program to ensure all hazardous wastes are being disposed of properly. Please click here for Information for New Businesses.

The Backflow and Cross-Connection Prevention Program and the reclaimed water distribution system are the responsibility of the Backflow and Reclaimed Services Division located at the East Port Water Reclamation Facility.

In addition, the East Port Water Reclamation Facility receives residuals from other plants, dewaters it, then hauls it via County truck to Synagro Technologies, Inc., the nation's largest recycler of organic residuals. The Leachate Treatment Facility is located at the landfill. Any water that comes in contact with garbage is called leachate and it is treated to regulatory standards.