Charlotte County Utilities


CCU's rates reflect the cost of providing safe drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater treatment and effluent disposal services to its customers. These services have become more intensely regulated over the years as concerns over health and protection of the environment have grown. Rates and charges also reflect the cost of water purchased by contract, utilities financing, operation and administration.

The rate plan, approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) in 2006 included 5 years of rate increases. The final increase that was to take effect October 1, 2010 was repealed in September, 2010. On March 27, 2012 the BCC approved changes in connection fees and accrued guaranteed revenue fees as well as revisions to Table 6-4. The Rate resolution number 2012-019 including Exhibit "A" is below:

Potable Water Rates (Currently in effect)

Sanitary Sewer Rates (currently in effect)

Charlotte County Utilities Rate Resolution - Number 2012-019

Credit & Collection Policy