Charlotte County Utilities - Projects

Current Projects

  • East & West Spring Lake Wastewater Program

  • North Shore Drive and Harper Avenue Wastewater Expansion Program
  • Projects in Planning Stage

  • Area 1 Wastewater Expansion Program - As a result of the Board of County Commissioner's (BCC) direction at a Wastewater Expansion Program workshop in 2009, where staff was instructed to gather more data on sewering "Area 1", a presentation was made to the BCC in spring 2010. A Preliminary Engineering Report had been completed and stakeholder workshops set-up with the community. Staff completed their work efforts and was instructed to defer any more activity until a later point in time. Later, in the fall of 2010, the BCC gave direction to staff to seek out a consultant to analyze the area and bring back recommendations on providing wastewater services to just the area between East and West Spring lake as a pilot program. Area 1 Preliminary Engineering Reports for Water and Wastewater.

  • West Tarpon/Ambrose Project
  • Cape Haze Area Considering Wastewater Services
  • El Jobean Area Considering Wastewater Services
  • US 41 Utility Expansion Program
  • Completed Projects

    • Burnt Store Colony Water & Wastewater Improvements - Plans  |  Instructions
    • Burnt Store Village and Harborside Woods/Woodland Estates Utility Improvements
    • Lift Station Rehabilitation - June 21, 2011: This project includes the miscellaneous and continuous improvements to, or additions of, wastewater lift stations that will insure hydraulic capacity and mechanical integrity of the wastewater collection system. The rehabilitation will meet the FDEP criteria, and maintain the systems integrity, including the useful life of existing lift stations. The work efforts will include upgrades of the components, including, but not limited to odor control, telemetry and electrical services, etc. There are approximately 250 lift stations ranging in age from 0 to 50 years. It is anticipated that 3 to 5 lift stations will be replaced or restored annually. Lift stations completed: #s 321, 806.
    • Rotonda Sands/Rotonda Meadows
    • Rotonda Villas/Rotonda Springs

    Financing/Funding Options