Charlotte County Utilities

Presentations and Reports


Awards and Recognition
Summary of Awards and Recognitions Charlotte County Utilities has received over the past several years.


CCU 2014 Annual Report
Charlotte County Utilities' Annual Report prepared on April 29, 2015 by Santec Consulting Services, Inc.

Infrastructure Workshop
Utility Department October 20, 2015 presentation.

Charlotte County Utilities Overview - April 16, 2013
PowerPoint presentation displaying a timeline of Charlotte County Utilities' progress from the beginning on into the future.

Utility System Financial Evaluation Update - May 25, 2010
Utility System Financial Evaluation Update presented to the Board of County Commissioners by financial consultants Public Resources Management Group Inc. (PRMG)

Effective Management Approach to Water, Wastewater, Reuse and Fire Prevention
Presentaton on Industry Best Practices of an Effectively Managed Water/Wastewater/Reuse/Fire Protection Utility.

QualServe Reports